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  • 10.0 Earthquake

    A chief engineer and his boss unwittingly cause a series of earthquakes when their fracking operation upsets the San Andreas Fault. Then Los Angeles is about to be hit by a devastating earthquake, and time is running out to save the city from imminent danger. 
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    Heather Sossaman. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Heather Sossaman

    Birth date: 25 April 1987, Long Beach, California, USA
    Description: Heather Sossaman is a California native actress known for her role as Laura Barns in Universal and Blumhouse picture's Unfriended.She began acting ...
    Chasty Ballesteros. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Chasty Ballesteros

    Description: Chasty Ballesteros was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as Chasty Rose Ballesteros. She is an actress, known for The Ranch (2016), The N...
    Henry Ian Cusick. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Henry Ian Cusick

    Birth date: 17 April 1967, Trujillo, Peru
    Description: Henry Ian Cusick was born on April 17, 1967 in Trujillo, Peru. He is an actor, known for Lost (2004), Hitman (2007) and The 100 (2014). He has been...
    Cameron Richardson. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Cameron Richardson

    Birth date: 11 September 1979, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
    Description: Cameron Richardson is making her move into the industry spotlight. She starred opposite Jason Lee and Jane Lynch in 20th Century-Fox's hit Alvin an...
    Jeffrey Jones. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Jeffrey Jones

    Birth date: 28 September 1946, Buffalo, New York, USA
    Description: Jeffrey Duncan Jones was born in Buffalo, New York. He is a very tall, fair-haired character actor who is recognized all over for his excellent wor...
    Malcolm Barrett. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Malcolm Barrett

    Birth date: 22 April 1980, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
    Description: Malcolm Barrett, a native of New York City, studied at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. He recently worked on several NY based television series inc...
    Kristen Dalton. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Kristen Dalton

    Birth date: 14 February 1966, San Diego County, California, USA
    Description: Kristen Dalton was born on February 14, 1966 in San Diego County, California, USA as Kristen Valerie Hocking. She is an actress and producer, known...
    David Chokachi. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    David Chokachi

    Birth date: 16 January 1968, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
    Description: David Chokachi was born on January 16, 1968 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA as David Al-Chokhachy. He is an actor, known for Baywatch (1989), Witch...
    Andre Gower. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Andre Gower

    Birth date: 27 April 1973, Los Angeles, California, USA
    Description: Andre Gower was born on April 27, 1973 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Jon Andre Gower. He is known for his work on The Monster Squad (1987), Th...
    Rachel Sterling. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Rachel Sterling

    Birth date: 11 November 1979, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
    Description: Comedic actress Rachel Sterling began her training at the Piero Dusa Acting Conservatory in Santa Monica California. Her years at the conservatory ...
    Brock Kelly. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Brock Kelly

    Birth date: 17 August 1985, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
    Description: Brock Kelly was born on August 17, 1985 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA as Brock Vincent Kelly. He is an actor, known for Pitch Perfect (2012), Cost...
    Joey Luthman. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Joey Luthman

    Birth date: 14 January 1997, Dayton, Ohio, USA
    Description: Joey is known for his recurring role "Young Luke Spencer" on General Hospital (1963) as "Roger McFadden" on The Goldbergs (2013) and "Teen Zoltan" ...
    David Barrera. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    David Barrera

    Description: David was born and raised in San Juan, Texas and was the seventh of eight children. He attended Pharr-San Juan-Alamo High School, where he was invo...
    Olivia Jordan. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Olivia Jordan

    Birth date: 28 September 1988, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
    Description: Olivia Jordan was born on September 28, 1988 in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she spent most of her youth. She attended Bishop Kelley High School where she...
    Jason Sims-Prewitt. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Jason Sims-Prewitt

    Birth date: 14 August 1982, Racine, Wisconsin, USA
    Description: Jason Sims-Prewitt was born on August 14, 1982 in Racine, Wisconsin, USA as Jason Tyrone Sims-Prewitt. He is an actor and writer, known for Drumlin...
    David Michael Paul. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    David Michael Paul

    Birth date: 26 April 1993, Mesa, Arizona, USA
    Description: Like the Arizona Spruce, David is a native of Arizona. David Michael Paul (David Buehrle), first strived to be a professional baseball player wanti...
    Eli Cusick. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Eli Cusick

    Description: Eli Cusick is known for his work on Just Let Go (2015), Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) and Kong: Skull Island (2017).
    Bryan McGowan. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Bryan McGowan

    Description: Bryan McGowan is known for his work on The Art of Being Straight (2008), Fantasy (2015) and Campfire Breakup (2008).
    Michael Prather. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Michael Prather

    Description: Michael Prather is an actor, known for Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), Mr. Stache (2011) and Suicide Squad (2016).
    Tim Scanlon. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Tim Scanlon

    Description: Tim Scanlon received a B.A. in English/Communications at Niagara University. In the summer of '89 he traveled across the country to Los Angeles wit...
    Scott Subiono. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Scott Subiono

    Description: Scott Subiono is an actor and producer, known for Shooting People (2001), Stranger Than Fiction (2000) and Last Shot (2014).
    Donald Prince. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Donald Prince

    Description: Donald Prince is an actor, known for Restructuring Michael Swift (2011), Fate (2016) and Only You & Me.
    Gary Glushon. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Gary Glushon

    Description: Gary Glushon is known for his work on I Am Legend (2007), The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) and Hancock (2008).
    Jason Brillantes. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Jason Brillantes

    Description: Jason Brillantes is known for his work on Bad Santa 2 (2016), Pandemic (2016) and Savage Dog (2017).
    Kurt Yochum. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Kurt Yochum

    Description: Kurt Yochum is known for his work on The Caretaker (2016), Sitter Cam (2014) and 10.0 Earthquake (2014).
    Anthony Backman. Actor of 10.0 Earthquake

    Anthony Backman

    Birth date: 13 August 1972, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
    Description: Anthony Backman was born on August 13, 1972 in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA as Anthony Bernard Backman. He is an actor and editor, known for A Girl, a ...
  • Directors of "10.0 Earthquake"

    David Gidali. Director of 10.0 Earthquake

    David Gidali

    Description: It looks like we don't have any Biography for David Gidali yet.
  • Creators of "10.0 Earthquake"

    J. Greg Abbott. Director of 10.0 Earthquake

    J. Greg Abbott

    Description: It looks like we don't have any Biography for J. Greg Abbott yet.
    Alex Greenfield. Director of 10.0 Earthquake

    Alex Greenfield

    Birth date: 12 January 1973, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    Description: Alex Greenfield is an American film and television writer and producer. The son of UFOlogist and occult researcher T Allen Greenfield, Alex accompa...
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