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Western genre and the story behind it.

Talking about Western the first thing to think of is America!!! To say more it is the most American genre to be known. Western genre represents the unique American attitude on behalf the themes of Westerns helped to be the most consistently successful genre of film for over fifty years. While the elements within the western–the good vs. bad, the revenge scenario, or even the tortured loneliness of a hero - can all be translated through different categories of film and to different cultures, it is the setting that makes the western so unique. The cultural uniqueness and availability to watch western movies online free makes this genre still popular. The Western genre movies often devoted to telling stories of the letter past of 19th century that obviously took place in West America. The genre bears wildness, loneliness and savageness and infringement of territorial rights of the original inhabitance. In the center of the Western story usually described a life of the wanderer whether it is a cowboy or a gunfighter. The plot frequently evolves on the background of rescuing the truelove. There are recognized seven plots of western movies.
The first one and the most known is The Union Pacific story: The plot concerns the construction of the railroad, a telegraph line, and some others type of technologies.
The second type of stories as well popular a first on called the ranch story. The plot evolve around the threads of ranch from rustlers.
The third type so-called empire story: involves building up a ranch empire or an oil empire from scratch, classic rags-to-riches stories. The same plot as well popular in stream tv shows online free.
The fourth type of Western stories fall under the scope of the most popular free westerns online. The revenge stories: the plot often involves the perusing or chasing, but it also includes elements of classic mystery story which may slightly echo with movies about mythology.
The fives type of Western movies is The Indian stories. The plot revolves around taming the wilderness for white settlers.
The sixth type is all about guns. The outlaw story: the outlaw story dominates the action.
The seventh type of western are recognized as the most popular for the lust ten years. The marshal story and his challenges driving the plot. Nowadays anybody may watch free western movies online without downloading anytime and anywhere.

Silent Western

The first Western story to hit the screens was in the time of silent movies. The Great Train Robbery (1903) nevertheless is arguably the first true Western. Believe it or not, but The Great Train Robbery is one of the most watched western movies free online. Like other silent action films, westerns of the time focused on daring escapes and defeating bad guys. This period beginning from 1903 to 1934 conditionally called Silent Western.
Notable Examples:
  • The Covered Wagon (1923)
  • The Iron Horse (1924)
  • Tumbleweeds (1925)

B-Movie Western

Until advent the sound in the film (1939) the Western was considered as films for children to watch. Gene Autry (The Singing Cowboy) made his fame here, as well as Roy Rogers. This period falls upon the B-movie in Western film history production of low-budget commercial movies.
Notable Examples:
  • In Old Monterey (1939)
  • Hopalong Cassidy (1935)
  • In Old Santa Fe (1934)
  • The Singing Cowboy (1936)
  • The Terror of Tiny Town (1938)

The Rise of Western

The Rise of Western genre occur on 1939, director John Ford made his first film in the now-iconic Monument Valley of Utah. In John Wayne's first leading role, John Ford's Stagecoach became a smash hit. In addition to winning a pair of Oscars, the film launched an era of critically and commercially successful westerns. The films of that period carry the vision of what the old-gold westerns to be.
Notable Examples:
  • Stagecoach (1939)
  • The Ox Bow Incident (1943)
  • Duel in the Sun (1946)
  • Red River (1948)

The Golden Western

The 1950s considered being a golden era for cinema in general, but for no genre was it more evident than the western. The Golden Western era light up the stars like Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, and Gary Cooper truly came into their own in these films. In its turn the Golden Western era approached in different territories.
Notable Examples:
  • Rio Grande (1950)
  • High Noon (1952)
  • Shane (1953)
  • The Searchers (1956)
  • The Magnificent Seven (1960)

The Golden era of Western find its beginning on few new territories

The Northern Western genre is sub-genre of Western and got its beginning in Alaska and Western Canada. The most notable examples would be The Far country with James Steward and North to Alaska with John Wayne. The Florida Western or the Cracker Western the titles suggested are set in Florida. The film Distant Drum (1951) was one of the earliest. The Euro Western as it easy to guess called to describe movies that are made in Western Europe. One example of its era is Anglo-Spanish film The Savage Guns (1961). Also there were several famous films made by Germans based on novels of Karl May.

Spaghetti Western

The time flowed and Americans’ interest in Western starts to wane. However the genre found a new audience in Italy. Italy produced films fall under the era of Spaghetti Western. Italian founded Westerns became the most successful westerns in 60s. Spaghetti Westerns for now lead in charts of free online western movies.
Notable Examples:
  • A Fistful of Dollars (1964)
  • For a Few Dollars More (1965)
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966)
  • Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)

Redefining period of Western genre

Redefining period of Western was losing appeal during the 60s, American filmmakers were looking for new ways to breath life into the genre. Some directors took dark, graphic turns with their films, while others went for pure comedy. To say more films of that period may remide more free kung fu movies online then classic Western. Lose interest to western genre commemorate the lost direction in genre.
Notable Examples:
  • Cat Ballou (1965)
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)
  • True Grit (1969)
  • The Wild Bunch (1969)
  • Blazing Saddles (1975)

The Modern Western

However, the western itself did not entirely disappear. Millions of people nowadays watch western movies free. Thematic elements of the genre were successfully adapted into what has now become the action genre, specifically for cop movies that is considered as The Modern Western. A lone, no nonsense cop is the modern equivalent to the sheriff, and instead of bandits and natives he has to fight off drug dealers and hoodlums.
Notable Examples:
  • Dirty Harry (1971)
  • The French Connection (1971)
  • Sudden Impact (1983)
  • Die Hard (1988)

De-glorifying West

In today's Hollywood, the western is an all but dead genre, nevertheless it still has its admires and millions of people watch free streaming western movies. Moreover, every couple of years there comes a new film that revisits the Old West. Obviously, it no longer glorifies that lifestyle and there is little left common with classic Western genre, but instead it focuses on the human toll of the violence and approaches the western with a revisionist lens. This period called De-glorifying West.
Notable Examples:
  • Dances with Wolves (1990)
  • Unforgiven (1992)
  • 3:10 to Yuma (2007)
  • True Grit (2010)
  • Django Unchained (2012)
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