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TV shows

TV shows are artistic productions that are meant to air on national TV, cable TV or the internet television. Most of them will follow a storyline that is related to one of the different artistic genres and they usually attract a lot of viewers around the globe. TV productions that would contain a limited number of episodes would be called a series that would air on several seasons. You can find a million tv shows to watch if you choose to look online with most of them available for free streaming or download. Online tv shows are very popular nowadays with some productions skipping the classical media of TV and going directly online for viewers to watch on their computer screens or on their smart TVs after connecting them to computers. Most of the projects that prefer to go this route are independent or low production projects, but sometimes a high production would also prefer to be dedicated to the online audience. You can easily stream tv shows online free if you want to find productions of different genres.

How did the genre start?

The serial format that we know today originated first in the radio where the projects where mainly about children’s adventures and were called soap operas because they were sponsored by soap manufacturers. These projects were mainly designed to increase the sales of soap and aired at the same time from Monday till Friday. One of the earliest productions is “The Smith Family” which ran only one night a week in the early 1930s. TV shows started as early as the introduction of the TV itself with productions that resembled short movies that were mainly made for TV. One of the first projects that was especially made for TV was “Talk faster, Mister,” a TV movie that was made 1944. Many American TV series of the 1950s would be assembled together in the shape of a long feature movie would be released in overseas cinemas. Later on, the audience would be interested in daytime TV series like “Search for Tomorrow” that aired for the first time in 1951 and the final episode aired in 1986. Productions like this one emphasized the genre that would later be very popular in other soap operas which marks the long suffering of the characters and the complicated relationships between them. In the 1970s and 1980s series like Falcon Crest and Dynasty involved a lot of actors and actresses that would later star in movies and become very popular. Most of the time, the creators of the series would follow the real life development of the actors and the actresses by making them pregnant when they are pregnant in real life or killing them off if they want to leave the show or if they actually die. TV series like these often focused on the culture and the society and would highlight the changes that went through as we witness the way the different characters evolve. Some of these amazing productions are available if you want to watch tv shows online hd.

How did the genre evolve?

While most of the first soap operas would be shot at closed studios, other TV projects would be shot in a way that resembled movies. The genres of TV shows varied between drama, crime, comedy, romance and psychological. Many of the successful ones would be later featured in cinema movies or even computer games. One of the most successful TV shows in the mystery and spy genre is “Mission Impossible” that aired between 1966 and 1973. It followed the adventures of an American hero who works in the shadows to save his country through a theme of spy movies that was highly popular during the time of the cold war. If you want to find one of the best tv shows watch online, then this will probably be one of the best to choose. It was so successful that it was later adapted into a series of successful action movies starring Tom Cruise. Today most of the successful TV productions are huge and would be very popular across the globe. The internet made it easy for different viewers to watch these creations in real time as they air. One of the most acclaimed TV series in modern times is the Sopranos that aired between 1999 and 2007 and followed the life of an Italian American who works in the organized crime and wants to achieve balance between his family obligations and his life as a criminal. This show had an enormous effect on other productions that followed as it showed the human side of a man who kills for a living. Other TV projects were introduced to TV based on successful feature movies, like “Hannibal” that is loosely based on the movie “Silence of the Lambs” and its sequels. Many viewers agreed that the TV version was more graphic and more artistic in nature, mainly because of the use of modern technology that makes the TV version even more attractive and popular. Today one of the most successful shows is “Game of Thrones” that is keeping all viewers waiting for its coming episode and turn in events. The show features the struggle between several fictional kingdoms that is set somewhere in the medieval time. Although there is no sign of when or where the stories take place, the choice of the actors and the places allows the audience to easily make a connection with real countries in our modern world. Most of the time it would be easy to find free tv shows online streaming full episodes on special sites dedicated to lovers of this art especially after the entire series or the season is over. Sometimes it would be quite difficult to watch free tv shows full episodes online due to copyright issues.

How did the genre evolve in other countries?

In other countries TV productions are exactly as popular gaining a lot of viewers and allowing the stars to become internationally recognized thanks to cable TV and internet TV. In most countries you can easily watch free tv shows full episodes. In Mexico, “El Chema” is one of the most popular TV series that follows the real life events of one of the most famous drug lords who takes his production and distribution all the way to the USA. In India, TV series are produced in different languages that are spoken in the sub-continent with “Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki” as one of the most popular Hindi ones that you can easily find if you want to watch tv shows online for free full episodes.

Other genres:

Watch psychological thrillers if you want to keep wondering even after the movie is over so that you can ask yourself if what you saw was true. A movie like “Split” has been widely acclaimed by viewers and critics as the main character displays different troubled multiple personalities. Costume drama films like “The Lord of the Rings” display an epic journey where a group of humans, elves and other creatures go on a quest to protect a ring that can control the world. If you want to have a few good laughs then you can watch a sitcom online like “The Big Bang Theory” as you listen to the funny seemingly wise lines by the characters.
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