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Sitcoms are very popular across the world and all the time you can find online sitcoms free streaming because they are a lot of fun. They represent a genre in a comedy where a group of characters engage in funny and interesting events and are featured from one episode to another. Sometimes there will be the case of the introduction of a new character played by a famous actor or a real person that would definitely increase the amount of audience. These projects originally started in the radio but today many people watch them on cable TV or choose to watch sitcom online. Many famous movie stars gained their initial fame in such episodes that were shown to audience on TV and later made it possible for them to land their movie roles, like Jennifer Aniston and Will Smith.

How did the genre start?

The term sitcom or situational comedy became popular in the 1950s but before that there would be radio episodes that would feature the same characters again and again until they gained popularity. One of the earliest productions was “Sam’n’ Henry” that aired in 1926. It was so popular that it later moved to another station where it was named “Amos’n’ Andy” and began to be regarded as one of the most successful radio sitcoms of all times. The genre was popular in multiple countries and would usually feature actors and actresses who especially work in that field or other highly acclaimed cinema actors and actresses. If you want to watch tv sitcoms from the 1950s, then you must look for “Pinwright’s Progress”. This is considered to be the first British TV sitcom that aired between 1946 and 1947 in 10 episodes. The storyline follows a shop owner and the attempts of his rivals who want to put him out of business and how his staff doesn’t help much to fix this. It was the first half an hour project to be regularly aired on BBC Television. It was broadcast live from the studio. “I Love Lucy” an iconic American show that ran from 1951 till 1957 on CBS. This was probably one of the first ones to be shot in front of a live audience and was very popular that when it ended the producers started to produce 13 one hour special episodes that aired from 1957 until 1960. It won a lot of awards and was nominated several times that it became an icon. You can find some of these special episodes if you want to watch a sitcom movie online. It was the most watched show in the USA in 4 of its 6 seasons and it even encouraged the producing channel to air special colorized episodes later in the 2000s as paying homage to the original project and its cast.

How did the genre evolve?

If you are interested in finding the best sitcom movie watch online, you would easily see how the industry evolved throughout the years, discussing more serious and more prominent issues. One of the most successful shows is “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, which starred Will Smith in one of his first roles that gave him the chance to be an acclaimed actor. It was one of the many to follow that would display a whole black cast, except with a few white actors and actresses. It put an emphasis on the working class problems as Will Smith plays the role of a teen from West Philadelphia who moves to live with his aunt and uncle in Bel Air where we witness the struggles of the middle class versus those of the upper intermediate class that has help in the house. Most of the costumes, songs and slang language used in the show characterise the 90s and this makes it one of the best ones to look for if you want to find a sitcom full movie watch online. “Seinfeld” is one of the productions that you must look for if you want to watch sitcoms free online. It ran from 1989 till 1998 and was one of the most successful shows of its time. It followed the life of Jerry Seinfeld a minor stand-up comedian and there were usually funny cultural and religious references because it was mainly based on the writers’ real life experiences that made it so popular and so real with the American audience and later worldwide. Another popular show is “Friends” that followed the lives of 3 guys and 3 girls in New York. It aired for 10 years from 1994 till 2004, giving its main cast the chance to become widely famous movie stars. The show also featured many of the social events that affected the US community in the 90s by following the trends and the fashion of the era. The show was a huge success that it was later recreated in several counties across the world. The famous café “Central Perk”, the characters’ signature lines and many of the famous moments affected the TV history worldwide. Some of the episodes had viewers more than any other sitcom in the history. It was voted one of the best TV shows of all times. Although it didn’t really take the characters outside the main set except for the final seasons viewers actually became familiar with the setting in Monica’s flat, Joey’s and Chandler’s flat across the hallway and the coffee house. A whole industry was based on the success of “Friends” including the manufacturing of stationary items and clothing items.

How did the genre evolve in other countries?

If you want to watch old sitcoms online free, then it is a good idea to look for non-American shows that also gained wide popularity. In Russia, “Strawberry” is considered to be the first Russian show of this genre to air between 1996 and 1997 but in the 2000s the Russian sitcoms became so popular and gained many viewers who enjoyed the genre with the introduction of productions like “My Fair Nanny” in 2004. In New Zealand, these shows became popular in 1980s with the airing of “Gliding On” that was adapted from an earlier radio show. It was very popular on TV and won multiple awards. “El Chavo del Ocho” is a popular Mexican show that aired from 1971 till 1980 and was very popular even among the Latin audience in the USA as well as in Spain and Brazil. There are a lot of free sitcoms to watch online if you want something that is both different and special.

Other genres:

If you are a sports lover or love the sports drama you can easily watch sports movies online that tell the struggles of athletes and what they have to go through like the “Rocky” series that follows the life of one acclaimed boxer. Psychological thrillers to watch are easy to find online, with “Identity” as one of the best movies to watch where we follow a doctor’s quest to prove that his patient was unconscious at the time of different murders, only to get through the mind of the troubled patient and be faced with his multiple personalities. If you want to watch a costume drama movies, then “Titanic” is a must see as we follow the misfortunate fate of the Titanic and its passengers through the love story of Jack and Rose. All these movies and more available and you will be able to enjoy them for free.
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