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The Evolution of Sci-Fi and its present state

What are Sci-Fi movies?

Science fiction is a very popular movie genre which is based on phenomena related to fictional science, and speculative elements which are partially accepted by the natural science including sub elements like time travelling, alien life, and life forming. These pictures have been assisted with components like high-tech robots, cyborgs, spacecraft and many other strange technologies. It should be noted that most of these science fiction shows have been used to highlight different social and political issues which needs immediate attention. It should also be noted that these films have heavily been used to discover complicated philosophical issues like the condition of the mankind. Sci-Fi movies online streaming has become a trend in the modern world and people have been blessed with a plenty of options to consider and watch when it comes to science fiction.

History of Sci-Fi Genre

The Sci-Fi genre is a result of great history and a revolutionary process. It should be noted that the roots of these science fiction pictures runs to the very beginning of the cinema industry and the film making process. As per the historical statistics Georges Melie’s “A trip to the moon” which was released in the year 1902 is considered to be the very first sci-fi show which used trick photography effects. The show “Metropolis” which was released in the year 1927 was considered to be the next big step in the Science Fiction industry and it was also the first ever feature length science fiction picture. Budget and finance was a crucial factor in producing science fiction outputs. The period between the 1930’to the 1950’s included many low-budget science fiction shows which fell under the B category. Stanley Kubrick was able to put a full stop to this low-budget streak with his box office hit “2001: A Space Odyssey” which was screened in the year 1968. This paved the way for many high-budget sci-fi shows with great quality and brand new effects. The audience demanded for such films especially after the release of “Star Wars” the movie. As a result of great evolution the genre has now come to a stage where they screen Science Fiction Movies Online and it should be noted that there are plenty of web sites which allow the option of free streaming sci-fi movies. Science Fiction is a very popular brand genre among kids. This is due to the fact that these pictures increase the tendency to explore things and we all know that kids like to be engaged in the process of exploring and discovering things. Most of the kids in the European and the North American region have been given access to free online Sci-Fi movies with the intervention of their educational institutes.

The evolution of Sci-Fi films

The technology doesn’t remain the same every day. It keeps changing and the people adapt to the technology and make use of it. The same theory is applicable on the film industry, especially when it comes to the sci-fi genre. You could realize that there will be clear differences between the very first science fiction show and the latest science fiction shows. These changes are a result of the technology which is being subjected to changes on a constant basis. The technology has come to a critical stage where you need very less people and more machines to produce a film. People have been encouraged to watch Sci-Fi movies online free and that number only increases.

The 2010’s and the science fiction movies

The 2010’s have been a great decade so far for the sci-fi genre lovers. The availability of sets in relevant studios has paved the way for the production of successful sci-fi shows. It should be noted that during the past there weren’t many studios and relevant sets to produce these types of sci-fi shows. The technological advancement has been a great time saving option for the produces and it should be noted that every minute saved ads up extra dollars of profit to them.

Cross Genre movies

Cross genre includes a mix of 2 or more genres. It should be noted that there have been a plenty of comedy based sci-fi shows released during the recent past. The “hot tub time machine” which was released in the year 2010 and “seeking a friend for the end of the world” are two prime examples of cross genre sci-fi shows. The internet will provide you the opportunity to watch free Sci-Fi movies online. A sense of humor would totally eliminate the boredom when watching sci-fi shows.

Realistic science fictions

The film industry has witnessed more and more of realistic and epic Sci-Fi shows which carry a great message to the society. The shows “Gravity”, “Arrival”, “Mad Max: Fury road”, and “Interstellar” are perfect examples for realistic kind of science fiction films which were released during the recent past. It should be noted that these realistic kinds of films and dramas have been able to divert the societies’ attention to hot topics such as the global climate change, complicated scientific interests and the issues related to artificial intelligence. These shows captured the attention during several academy awards and won several awards as well. Now you could watch Sci-Fi movies free online and witness the real world issues and determine how they come up with timely solutions to combat these issues.

Different countries and their sci-fi movies

It should be noted that different counties around the world have different versions of sci-fi set-ups. Americans are more biased towards time travelling and alien life films. Some of the examples would be “Avatar” and “Planet of the Apes film”. Asian sci-fi film producers are more biased towards artificial intelligence based scenarios.

Criminal movies

Criminal movies are among the most popular genres in the modern context. These pictures are based on crime incidents and it should be noted that a considerable amount of these crime pictures are based on real life incidents. They are often being pictured in dark backgrounds. “The departed” (2006), “The Dark Knight” (2008), and “The pulp fiction” (1994) are among the greatest ever criminal movie free online. You could watch any of these criminal movie free online if you subscribe into relevant web platforms.

Horror movies

Horror films are the worst nightmare of any kid. It have been discovered that people who love to watch horror scenes are the strong hearted ones who don’t fear challenges in life. There have been a plenty of classic horror feature films released during the recent past. The “Conjuring” film series is considered to be the most popular series of the kind. Apart from that “Scary movie” (2000) and “The Halloween” (1978) are considered to be legendary horror set-ups. There are a plenty of online horror movies available in the internet.

The ever-loving and the never-fading romantic picture

Romantic films are popular among any age group. People really value the messages being carried in these so called romantic scenes. There are a plenty of romantic movies to watch and you are never too old to watch any of them. The Titanic is considered to be the best ever romantic film and it was released in the year 1997.
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