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In the present we all talk of romantic dramas, romantic articles, romantic dates and many more kinds of romances all around. Do we exactly know how all of these came up to us? Romance is indeed a human feeling or and excitement every human being possess after attending puberty. It is natural and nothing to daunt over. Although it may be seen as taboo in some cultures, they do still romance in secrecy. So what’s exactly wrong about romance? Actually nothing. When talking about movies where we all enjoy, movies are always and will ever be prepared to have a link with our personal lives. So adding up one type of movie genre called romantic movie is one part of a human feeling which would indeed show a link between our lives and the cast probably when romancing. As mentioned before to certain cultures, romance may be a taboo topic to talk of, it is also arguable to state that romance was not also seen so frequently in the presence of a movie during the past years of 1850’s. We could also have a thought about the directors and producers may have felt unconfident not knowing how the public would accept it, so they did not present those scenes.

The history of romance in films and dramas

As we know everything has a start to where it came from. Even you do. Just this way romance too has its place to talk about the history of it in order to gain some good knowledge about it. The first so called romantic films was first released in 1896 in America. Many years ago though. This films was confidently created by Thomas Edison by only featuring a small kiss which approximately only last eighteen seconds long. This unforgettable first romantic tape was name “The May Irwin Kiss” The 18 second kiss was the only romantic scene which was made to feature in this tape and re-known to be the first romantic movie. This picture was the most talked about movie during that time which broke news around the newspapers and featured its play on stage dramas as well. It was known as one of the best and most popular “Edison Vitascope” productions of that time and maybe even now for us to cherish. It is because this great confident person named Thomas Edison took a step to change the spice of films that he wanted a set to have some romance. Although it was 18 seconds long, it still was a great step to bring up the evolution of romance hyped up. We could probably say it was a great step of invention by this individual.

Romance and its glam

Teenagers and young adults enjoy watching a lot of romantic movies since they have newly entered the world of romance after gaining its feeling and excitement within them. It is also a natural feature or a feeling of every human being to feel love at some point. Love is great. It is one of the thickest bond in the world which keeps the entire world moving around with many happy people. It is the reason for our population to grow on proudly to 7 billion. We all would feel the excitement when it is time for a romantic scene in a movie. We would probably feel the butterflies in our stomach and the excitement of suspending acts.

The exposure to romance in films

As we got to speak of the evolution of the romantic set on a movie. As mentioned before the first romantic scene to be featured on a movie was released in the year 1896, and there after gradually the scenes became more and more and kisses were lasting longer in spicier set ups and romantic scenes occurred at each and every interval when possible to keep up the excitement in the audience. The exposure to romance grew gradually within the years of development of movies and also technology. Technology has developed so fast in an incredible manner providing it to be accessed freely in all parts of the world.

The development stage of the film industry

The internet has given people a great opportunity in allowing the movie industry to grow much faster and getting movies exposed much sooner than before. A movie released today will be most talked about within a few hours or in 24 hours among most of the people living at any part of the world. Trailers and other minor video clips are also uploaded before the release of the movie to attract audience even before the release of it in order to keep the flow of marketing high as possible. You are able to reach any type of romantic film to watch and enjoy just through a click of a button. Romantic movies watch online free is also becoming a commercial quotation to promote movies on various sites to add more exposure to this genre.

Romantic movies for everyone

Talking about romantic movies to watch from the past to now, there are so many successful films which I could advise you to view. The romantic movies free online platform attracts many viewers from every corner of the world at any given time of the day. The Titanic, The Notebook, Sleepless in Seattle were some popular romance films which made their mark. So watch love movie online free to enjoy and keep you love mode spiced up when it is freely available. Online romantic movies have now become one of the most searched genre of films ever viewed. Free love movies online is also now being advertised on gaming applications and other viewed online pages and videos. Romantic films to watch are easily exposed to customers who have an interest to watch it through many sources of media. The best part of watching a piece of film is that you get romantic movies free online. Romantic pictures come in all form of sub topics such as a combination of horror and romance, comedy and romance, suspense and romance and many more.

Where do I watch them

So why not save yourself some time and money and spend it on enjoying a cup of tea with friends and watch romantic movies online free. The exposure to this genre has now popularized and it is exposed among many age groups of people. There also maybe pros and cons to it talking about the genre as it is vastly promoted online with different quotes when you enter certain unlinked webpage too such as romantic movies online watch free click now, watch romantic films online free and other similar quotes. Could you ever imagine the exposure to romantic movies and other movie genres being exposed so much to the public so easily? Indeed it is the truth and capability of what technology could do. We are lucky in the present era we could view all these pictures for free, where as in the past it did consume a certain cost to purchase a cassette or a CD. Talking about this specific genre of movies being produced and exposed there are also many other genres of films which are been released. Fantasy movies watch online are more available types of other genres along with criminal movies free online and many horror movies to watch are some other genres which would attract you too. By now I hope you would have got a wide understanding about the revolution of romantic films and how its exposure began to grow gradually throughout the years and now it is freely exposed throughout the online platform for free. You are just a click away from spending time to enjoy your favorite movie. So advise you to take time and often spend more time relaxing your mind and body to have a smooth day with a romantic pictures been viewed by you and your fellow friends.
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