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Mythological movies

The cinema is all about the magic that art makes it possible. Through different films we get to experience the most exceptional feelings and worlds without even having to live our chairs. Mythological and magic movies offer a special genre for people who believe in the impossible. The creators of these films choose either to display real historical myths using their artistic tools that bring these ancient stories to life or choose to create their own fictional creation that takes the viewers in a journey to the land of the unknown. Mythological motion pictures come in various genres involving drama, horror, mystery, comedy and history. Mythological features and motion pictures offer the viewers the chance to use their imagination and the producers through a lot of changes to make the imagination process made more possible using the more advanced tools and elements that are used in cinema productions.

How did the genre start?

If you want to watch the best magic movies or the best movies about mythology you will be surprised to know that these started as early as the industry itself. The cinema was the art of the possibility and just like theatre plays used to feature different myths and fictional characters, the motion pictures industry made this more possible as it allowed the actors and directors to make use of the off screen or off stage time that is not available for stage productions. Most of the earliest movies based on mythology involved the feature of magical worlds that the western viewer was unfamiliar with. One of these early productions is “The thief of Baghdad”, an Arabian fantasy film produced in 1940 that features stories that are based on the mythologies mentioned in the Arabian Nights. Although the account of such motion pictures is not historically accurate, it remains to be one of the main and most popular cinematic productions that feature genies and fictional characters in a mysterious atmosphere that characterized the land of Arabia in the minds of the west. Historically speaking, the Arabian countries didn’t look or feature any of the events that were made popular in films like this one but the image continued to be realistic in the minds of a lot of viewers probably until today. Some of the best mythology films that were produced in the same era were made possible using very primitive special effect techniques that involved filming objects on a bigger scale and combining screens. One of these is “Helen of Troy” that is based on the Iliad and Odyssey by Homer and tells the life’s account of Queen Helen of Troy and the Trojan War with major changes from the original poems. “Hercules” created in 1958, is one of many pictures that carried the same name and featured bodybuilders and muscular actors as the main character where they engage in physical combat telling the fictional life of the mythological character, Hercules the son of Zeus. Mythological films that followed featured a new genre that is called the sword and sandal that would be later featured in many productions.

How did the genre evolve?

The introduction of new technologies and tools made the production of movies on mythology easier and more attractive to the audience. The introduction of computers in production enabled the creators to create a lot of fictional characters that would later have more defined and more realistic features. The use of CGI and green screens allowed the shooting to be more accurate and artistic and opened the doors to a lot of creations that would have been impossible. Building big size models wasn’t necessary as everything was computer simulated and this introduced a new form of shooting and acting where actors had to act in front of green screens rather than acting in an expensive décor. As the years go by, the computer made the film production even more magical and allowed for the enhancement of what is already offered by the environment. In pictures like “300” the computer was used to create characters or to multiply the number of the existing actors. It was used to alter the physical features of the actors who took place in the motion picture. Some good mythology movies are 3D like “Wrath of the Titans” that allows the viewers to engage in a richer viewing experience while featuring titans, gods and other mystical creatures. In such productions the imagination of the creators plays a significant role in how the motion picture is made and produced. Some of these popular films were made into animation projects like Hercules that was even later featured as a computer game. We can safely say that the modern era is the most appropriate time to watch the best mythology movies because of the use of the technology that makes things more possible for the creators and actors.

How did the genre evolve in other countries?

If you browse the best mythology movies list you would find a lot of interesting productions that are based on mythologies from different parts of the world. Indian mythology set a base for the production of many interesting films that talk about magic, sorcery and myths. One of them is “Ramayana: The Epic” a computer animated film based on traditional Hindi mythology. The motion picture tells the epic story of Lord Rama, a legendary Indian King and his life account from his birth until his battle in Sri Lanka. He is the central figure in the Indian myth Ramayana that involves his incarnation on Earth. Ondine is an Irish romantic movie that is based on a Norse mythology of selkie that bring love and hope to humans. The mythology of selkie is found in Scotland and Ireland where these creatures are known to live as seals in the sea but shed their skin to become humans on land.

Other genres:

Finding the best costume films for cinema fans because there are a lot of website that offer viewers the chance to stream and download the old and new motion pictures for free. Some of the best creations that you can watch is “Cleopatra” that tells the life of the Egyptian Princess soon to be turned Queen and her love for 2 Roman leaders that also marked their fate. If you are in for a night at home then there is no better option than to watch tv sitcoms where most online streaming sites would allow you to watch the whole season nonstop if you have the time for it. One of the best ones to watch is “Scrubs” that follows the struggles of young doctors who want to establish their careers with the characters often drifting to fictional events to get away from their stressful day to day duties. If you are in for something more serious, then you will be happy to browse the hundreds of tv shows to watch that you can easily find online. One of the most successful and acclaimed shows is “Orange is the new Black” a comedy drama TV-web show that is based on the main character’s admission to a woman’s prison. The internet makes it possible for cinema and TV lovers to find whatever they want. Order TV is also another popular option that will allow users to choose whatever they want whenever they want to.
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