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Mystery Movies

There are many genres of films in the movie industry. There are many genres as such due to the preference of the viewers. Mystery is one such genre which is movie genre that is extremely popular among the fans of the modern world. This genre bases a movie around the solving of a problem for example a crime. The main character of such a movie genre is mostly a private investigator, detective or an amateur detective. The story wraps around this character and his or her efforts to unravel the mystery by finding clues, investigating the problem and deducing skills. The main characteristics that the detective shows in the motion pictures are confidence, diligence, prowess and deducing ability. This is extensively shown in their attempts to unravel the problem that they have encountered. The methods of them getting answers is through interrogating witnesses, seeking evidence, connecting all the clues together and tracking down the criminal. Many of the viewers are able to watch action adventure movies online free which have been made in the recent past.


When breaking down a mystery movie it is seen that the main plot revolves around a murder of a person and this incident is solved by another person who is either related or not related to the victim. The person who attempts to solve the crime is mostly a private investigator, FBI or CIA agent, policeman or an amateur investigator. There are many other characters in the story as well. There is the exact suspect to the murder and there are also people known as “red-herrings”. These are people who have a motive to commit the crime but are not the actual criminal. They also help the investigator or the main character to unravel the mystery of the crime and find out the actual villain. This can be observed in almost all of the mystery movies to watch. There is a main women character in every mystery movie. She serves a dual character. One is that she gives a relationship to the investigator of the detective and the other role is she is the woman in peril. This character is mostly seen as a resourceful, self-sufficient and determined individual. This was a sure character in the mystery movie genre up until the 1980s but after that we have seen many mystery films with the lead character as a woman.


There are two types of mystery motion pictures which are very successful. They are open mystery films and closed mystery motion pictures. The open mystery movie genre shows the audience who the criminal is and the investigator unravels the mystery of how they find out the criminal. The closed mystery movie genre does not show the criminal but shows how the investigator unravels the mystery. Both movie genres have the same type of ending.


Most of the successful classic mystery movies free online have been translated from mystery novels. The characteristics like the suspensive plots, dram, character development and a surprise twist at the end that can be seen in the novels can be observed in the films as well. These novels are brought to life through the addition of various effect and the use of some various plot twists that are not available in the novels in order to satisfy the audience’s needs. Many successful mystery writers have given the world a series of mystery novels and many of these novels have been adapted in to free mystery movies online to watch. Most of the film action online is available on the internet for free on various sites.


The mystery movie genre came up in the silent era which was when there were no synchronized sound recordings or any dialogs being spoken. The first detective film in the mystery genre was known to be from the Sherlock Holmes series. The movie Sherlock Holmes Baffled was made in between 1900 to 1903 by Arthur Marvin on a device called a Mutoscope which was a device made to capture motion pictures in the earlier days. The film highlights the activities of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes who unravels the mysteries. The most popular mystery novel character in France was Nick Charter. This inspired the first film serial in the world known as ‘Nick Charter, le roi des detectives’ in the year 1908. This serial had six episodes. It was followed by another serial of the same type in 1909 called the ‘Nouveaux adventures de Nick Carter’. In the years between 1913 and 1914 the popular Fantomas serial was created by Louis Feuillade. This was based on the novel Juve which was created by a writer inspired by the detectives Holmes and Dupin. This inspired the creation of detective serials such as ‘The vampires’ in 1915, ‘Judex’ in 1916. ‘Tih Minh’ in 1918 and ‘Barrabas’ in 1919. These serials later inspired many directors in the US such as Rene Clair and Andre Breton in order to create many mystery motion pictures in the US. There were many iconic mystery films that have been created throughout the years in the movie industry in the world. The most notable mystery motion picture throughout all times were ranked in 2008 by the American Film Industry and they are as follows;
  1. Vertigo in 1958
  2. Chinatown in 1974
  3. Rear Window in 1954
  4. Laura in 1944
  5. The Third Man in1949
  6. The Maltese Falcon in 1941
  7. North by Northwest in 1959
  8. Blue Velvet in 1986
  9. Dial M for Murder in 1954
  10. The Usual Suspects in 1995
These films are in ranked order and are the top mystery motion pictures that have all the characteristics of the strong lead character, great plot, a strong self-sufficient and determined woman character, and finally a great plot twist. The films are made in open and closed mystery movie types.

Mixed Mystery Drama

There are many mystery motion pictures which have been mixed with other genres such as horror, comedy, fantasy and science fiction which are known as genre blends. There are many iconic films these types but they are not as influential as the pure mystery movie genre in order to get them into the top ranks. The genre blend for mystery motion pictures started with ‘Hec Ramsey’ which was a TV series that aired in between 1972 to 1974. Then there were mystery films that mixed with futuristic science fiction lots such as ‘I, Robot’ in 2004, ‘Outland’ in 1981 and ‘Soylent Green’ in 1973. The iconic paranormal or supernatural detective movie was ‘The Reincarnation of Peter Proud’ in 1975. The Walt Disney Company also has created some mystery motion pictures for the children such as ‘Escape from Which Mountain’ in 1975, ‘Return too Witch Mountain’ in 1978 and ‘Race to Witch Mountain’ in 2009. There are many comedy mystery genre blend films. The initial one was in 1942 which was the movie “Who Done It?’ which was an Abbott and Costello comedy. The comedy mystery movie blends in the recent history was the movie ‘Dark and Stormy Night’ in 2009. There are many free movies drama sites that the viewers can watch mystery motion pictures. Many people have been keen to watch mystery movies online free such as the new Sherlock Holmes TV series.
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