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For those of you who have no clear idea as to what exactly musical tapes are, here’s a simple and brief definition. Musical tapes are when the characters of the story sing and sometimes dance along in order to advance the story line or the plot of the movie. In some cases, this happens in between scenes of the movie in order to keep the viewers entertained and engaged in what is going on as some people tend to get bored half way through the movie. A musical in that case becomes catchy, and even a sing along in most cases keeping the viewers quite pleased with the movie. What was known as stage musicals, evolved with time after the development of sound and film technology? This is known today as musical movies. The difference between a stage musical and a film musical is the high quality of scenery, background and location that could be in musical films to watch is not the same as watching one show cased in theatres.

Film Industries that produce Musical Movies

When taking the entertainment industry as a whole, we come across a variety of means that have been designed, invented, developed and so on in order to keep our lives entertained during stress, extreme boredom, frustration etc. It is a way in which helps the human mind to stay occupied and feel a sense of happiness and peaceful serenity at the same time. Movies do the exact same thing. For those who have an interest in this form of entertainment there is no end in the supply of happiness the movie industry can provide. Various production companies with a variety of movie genres and each genre has a vast amount of movies produced under them. There are many famous movie production companies that have produced many musical movies to watch with family. Some of the companies that have produced movie musicals to watch are namely as follows; Walt Disney Pictures, Metro Goldwyn Mayor, Universal Pictures, New Line Cinema, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. and etc. Some musical movies that have been produced by these companies respectively are:
  • Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Mama Mia
  • Hairspray
  • The Sound of Music
  • The phantom of the Opera and etc.
Musical movies are packed with a series of romance, fantasy, adventure, mystery and etc. depending on the story line that is created.

Evolution of Free Musical Movies Online

The years from the 1930s to the early 1950s are said to be the golden age in the film industry where musical movies are related due to this genre having being most popular during this period in most parts of the European continent. The first musical short films were produced by an individual named Lee De Forest in the time period between 1923 and 1924. With the startup of 1926, movies created and produced in this genre had developed enough to the point where pieces from musical instruments were also added to make the movie much more appealing and amusing to the public audience. In 1927, Warner bros produced a movie by the name “The Jazz Singer” and this was the first lengthy movie that included an audio track. It is possible to find and watch full musicals online with the intention of comparing how the first years of this genre in the music industry were in comparison to now. DVD’s and other compact discs are not so popular anymore and it is highly doubtful if such movies can still be found in discs therefore everyone opts to watch musicals online free without any hassle. The best musicals to watch online or if the DVD is available, on DVD, either way in my opinion would be; The sound of Music, Lights of New York, Annie, The love parade, Life of the party and a few others as these are said to be some of the golden hits of the musical movie genre.

Watch Musicals Online for Free

As discussed above, just as the musical genre having been developed drastically the technology along with it has too. There are barely any individuals that use the help of DVD or CD’s to watch whatever musical or anything else they have to when they can watch free musical movies online as long as the person has a solid internet connection. Any musical movie of your choice could be found online and watched online itself or downloaded as well with the necessary software and sometimes, that is not required either. Some easy phrases to use when searching for the selected movie is, free musicals online, musical watch online with the name of the movie followed by the phrase. This will lead you up to a few good direct links. But it is also important to focus on the fact that, you need to make sure what you are loading is genuine and not a virus inflicted website. Apart from this, if you are in the mood to watch a musical online but no clue as to what exactly you want and from where exactly you can watch it, here is a phrase that could be used in order to sort the slight little problem. Watch musical movies online free is a tag line that is used by many people. In case, one wants to view a movie of another genre, change the key word (the genre) to one of your choice, for example; free streaming sci-fi movies or so on and voila! Directly linked and sorted for a movie marathon night either with your friends or by yourself.

Musical films in different parts of the world

The internet is the foundation of the global village. With that being said, it is quite easy to understand that films from different parts of the world can be found online. Some countries produce musicals in the form of animation where musical cartoon watch online is yet another tag phrase used by many. Musical cartoons are 75% produced by Walt Disney Pictures and some of the musical animations that are familiar to everybody that grew up in the nineties are Lion King, Beauty and the Beast (as mentioned above), The little mermaid (also stated above), Aladdin, and so on. Much more modernized musical animations produced by the same production company are Frozen, Tangled, and so on. Musicals of different countries vary from the more common English versions that are seen by many. For example, Hindi movies and Tamil movies are ninety percent (90%) made up with songs in between the story line. Some movies have the songs add in parts as to what happens in the plot where as other movies add in songs to keep the entertainment alive as well as keep the audience on their feet figuratively. This is one reason as to why people have a soft spot for movies produced by Indian companies. Om shanti Om, Kal Ho Na Ho, Taare Zameen Par, Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gum, Chalte Chalte, Hum Tum and etc. are some well-loved hindi movies that were released some time back but are still watched and enjoyed by plenty. Musicals are a very artistic creation of the movie industry and are loved by men, women and kids.
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