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Horror tapes as its name suggest is a genre of films which plays with an emotion known as horror or fear. What makes horror tapes so interesting is the fact that the sense of fear totally depends on the viewer. For some of us, it may be clowns or ghosts, but for some of us it could be serial killers or vicious looking animals. The plot of a horror movie often involves the intrusion of evil forces with the use of elements like Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, serial killers, vicious animals, etc. Horror movies love playing with the terror of the unknown fear releases adrenaline in our bodies and the rush in addition to the suspense and the excitement created by the horror tapes results in them being fantastic movies to watch. The first horror film came in the form of silent shorts in the 1890s, created by the pioneer Georges Mléiés, with some of his best work being “Le Manoir du Diable”, sometimes even credited as the first horror movie. During the years of (1930-1934), Universal pictures began creating successful horror tapes like Dracula, Frankenstein, The mummy and many more. The horror movie genre is an ever-evolving movie kind with each new generation the plot of horror tapes have shifted a little. During the 1970s the idea of horror in Hollywood began to evolve, murder and violence which were then the main themes began to change to a more physiological and supernatural aspect of horror, and then to scary killer animals leading to tapes like, Jaws and Orca. The horror genre initially began as a Gothic style, usually set in spooky castles, dark areas, and with the main characters sharing a resemblance to vampires and grotesque creatures, began to introduce evil spirits, clowns and scary dolls as time moved on. After the launch of satellites there were many films focusing on alien invasions, and after nuclear power came into being, movies focusing on the destruction, mutilation and zombification of humans became a popular trend. When it comes to the genre horror, different parts of the globe have introduced different variations to the genre, depending on the taste of people, the fear-inducing characters of the horror films have changed. For example two countries like Japan and America; it is found that horror films in America tend to have different monsters when compared with the Japanese tapes. Most Japanese films seem to focus greatly on the ghostly aspect as people in Japan believe that the ghost of a murdered victim is not likely to leave this world. However the main monsters in American films tend to be Aliens, Zombies, evil spirits, possessed people, and are more likely to promote scenes which are mostly bloody and tend to shock people, with films like, the conjuring and Annabelle. These differences are mainly due to the cultural influences of the two countries.

Horror movies to watch

There are many different types of horror, a few of them are: fictional horror relating to aliens and other species, action horror, mainly focusing on killings while fusing elements like demons witches and vampires, Body horror, mainly deals with the grotesque distortion of the body like zombies and monsters and psychological horror, which relies on the beliefs, guilt, and ghosts to scare the viewers. Vast amounts of online movies horror can be found on the internet. Dracula, Frankenstein, the conjuring 2, the conjuring, cabin in the woods, Sinister, the exorcist, dead silence, the ring and saw, these films are some of the best rated online horror movies. These films are mainly based on the possession by evil spirits and serial killers.

Watch full horror movies online for free.

There are many websites on the internet which give you the opportunity to watch horror movies free online and most of these sites only require an email and a password, plus most of these sites have an HD option, a few seconds of buffering and you are ready to watch HD horror movies online. Watching a horror movie in a more defined form will most definitely add to the thrill and the horror of the movie taking the experience to a whole new level. Making it all the more enjoyable and thrilling in horror movies watch online free.

Watch free horror movies online without downloading.

Having to download a movie can be quite a hassle, and sometimes could be illegal; you could get scammed by these sites and even download malware and viruses onto your device. There are many applications which give you the ability to watch horror movies online free streaming. This feature is amazing as the viewer does not have to wait until the movie is downloaded a few seconds of buffering and it’s time to watch the movie. With time, streaming films has become very popular; it also gives the viewer the ability to watch a movie stored on a different device, provided they are connected to the same network. For example, the movie file could stored on your laptop but you have the opportunity to watch it in a bigger and better screen like a TV and with the involvement of a home theatre, you are bound to freak out. A variety of online horror movies can be found on the internet like criminal movie free online or classic mystery movies free online. Serial killers and psychopaths are the most likely candidates to feature in criminal tapes; these movies tend to focus on creating gruesome and bloody scenes, and are heavy in the form of crime and thrill rather than focusing on the raw horror brought out by evil spirits and possessions. Films like the Saw and Scream are a prime example. Basic instinct, The big sleep, China town and the clue, are a few of the best classic mystery movies, these tapes revolve around the solving of a twisting and turning murder mystery and focuses on building the suspense and the excitement of the viewer leading on to the final reveal. Most of us have a very busy daily schedule, it’s either work, school or studies, with the creation of mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones, it has given us the ability to stream and watch horror movies online for free full movie on these devices, and with the everyday evolving internet you can find plenty of websites where you can watch horror movies online free full movie. With the increasing speeds of the internet and the availability of plenty of sites with the ability to specifically choose the preferred categories watching online movies have become much easier.

Horror movies online watch free

This section of films is ideal for people who do not scare easily and likes excitement. Horror tapes have become one of mainstream genres with the ever evolving technology, the improvements which can be made to the picture and sound quality of films, horror movies online free watch is a fast developing, and a genre which is becoming increasingly popular among the majority of the population. Just for a second think about this, one of the first games a small child plays is “peek-a-boo” not every fright is terrifying, this is a reminder that horror films can be a source of great entertainment and pleasure.
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