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Irrespective of the size and cast, there are hundreds of movies that are created worldwide in a week. The fascinating fact here is that all these motion pictures are spread over different genre and attract a different set of audience. One such genre that has found an audience lately is that of history. When it comes to History genre of the films, there are two types of films that are being created: fiction and non-fiction. By non-fiction, we refer to the motion pictures that are based on the real incidents that happened at some point of time in the ancient past. Another important, or rather favorite topic of the film makers of this genre revolves around the famous people from the past like Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi.

History of the historical movies to watch

In 1910, through 1914, Italy saw a lot of films based on historical events. The sets were magnificent, and the narration was legendary; and all this combined to create an atmosphere of speculation and interest at the same time. However, it was not before the year 1915 that the historical motion pictures were made on a large scale for a wider audience. The genre of history gained importance with a highly popular movie of the time called ‘The Birth of a Nation’. It was directed by a celebrated director D.W. Griffith and was received by the audience with a lot of love. Considering the story and series of events it covered, it was undoubtedly a motion picture that set benchmarks in the society; however, when you consider the film-making aspect of it, it was a highly controversial one. Before ‘The Birth of a Nation’ was released, there were no such motion pictures that would take the audience back to the past. As a result, it was not only a duty but also a liberty that this films took of deciding the definition of history and past in the world of films. It was also debated strongly for and against on the grounds of dramatical interpretation and the power of such films in influencing the audience, but considering that is a work of art and sheer talent of the director and the actors, this motion picture was eventually applauded by everyone for its grace. However, the power of such films to make people believe in the myths and their lasting effects on the culture, society and the activities of the audience is still in question. One such movie that was created a few years back that raised not only eyebrows but the questions as well was the ‘Pearl Harbor’. It is definitely one of the historical movies to watch but the way it portrays the war and characters, especially a budding relationship between the wife and a friend of a soldier who is caught in the enemy territory is highly questionable. Moving a little ahead of the birth of historical motion cinema, the era of 1940s and 1950s saw a great rise in the genre. A lot of popular directors jumped in the scene. A few historical films to watch of the era were made by the likes of Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, John Sayles, Bernardo Bertolucci and Oliver Stone. These films were entirely based on the true events of the past and uncovered some important data facts that were earlier ignored or misunderstood by the general public.

The Evolution of the Genre

As time passed, directors opened to a variety of topics. The spectrum of historical cinema widened and the fan base of the genre grew by thousands and millions in a few years. There were movies on famous incidents that helped nations gain independence, and then there were motion pictures about people who did something great in the past; and in the middle of all these was the cinema based on wars which were favorite of the film world as well as the audience. The films on wars were loved by the people because of their realism and a sense of patriotism. Also, since wars are one topic that are not highly included in the text books, the audience is automatically inclined towards this new piece if information. In fact, if you still wish to watch historical movies online free, you will find a lot of videos from that era. ‘The Big Parade’ released in 1925 and then ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ in 1930 were a piece of extraordinary cinema. Both of these cinemas covered an essence of war that people had never known or thought of. For instance, The Big Parade demonstrated how the world war I was never stopped, even if it was night and this was exactly what people had never known until the cinema demonstrated it. The whole idea of these motion pictures and this genre at that time was to show what people wanted to see and learn – stories of war. Apart from the wars that were getting a lot of attention from the people in the film industry, there was another topic that was budding along with it. It was the genre of biographical cinema or the biopics. Although this particular genre emerged as an important part in the cinema industry but it never gained as much popularity as the war ones did. A few good history movies to watch in this subgenre include Napoleon (1927), Alexander Hamilton (1931), The White Angel (1936) and Gandhi (1982).

Evolution of Good History Movies to Watch

The Italians who started with the genre, were already leading the pack. The American and the British legends followed the trail soon and once the success of the historical movies was evident, the producers and directors from all over the world decided to jump into the different sub-genres of the historical cinema. European film makers were soon finding events of historical importance and putting them into words. In fact, if you are willing to watch historical romance movies online free, you will find a lot of European cinema in the genre. This is due to the fact that romance has always been a center stage for cinema and theatre arts in entire Europe. While the world was busy making films on wars and biopics, a small group of directors started creating and promoting documentaries as well. However, they soon realized that documentaries were not as popular among the audience as the war cinema was, but if cinema critics were to be considered, the documentaries were the real cinema. As per the critics of that era, war motion pictures were over-hyped and many of them even played with the facts. Therefore, it is still recommended that if anyone wants to check out the good cinema of that era, they should probably watch history documentaries online. A few good examples of motion pictures from across the world are: Pharaoh (1966), King Lear (1971 and 1999), The Column (1968), The Right Stuff (1983) and Romero (1989).

History and Other Niches

Over the last few years, historical movies have been combined with the narration and style of the other genres thus turning serious cinema to fun family movies. This step has a little to do with the creativity and almost everything to do with the revenue generation. One example of a mixed kind of genre is ‘Les Miserables (2012).’ This motion picture combines the style of a musical with the story of a past and presents it with the essence of drama. Thus, making it one of the best musical movies to watch along with a similar stature in the genre of history. Interestingly, the cartoonists have also adopted the style of presenting the historical motion pictures and if you watch cartoons free online, you must have come across some ancient epics in the form of cartoons. History is an interesting genre. You can learn a lot about where you come from and how people struggled in the past. It can be even motivating, all you need to know are the correct movie names.
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