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Family Movies and its Evolution

Movies have shaped our lives and inspired us in many ways. It has grown into a billion dollar industry and turned actors/actresses into billionaires. An industry that started off as just a way of giving an audience something to look forward to has now grown into something extraordinary that everyone wants a piece of. The Genre of Family was another such section created with the purpose of having child friendly content available for kids to watch and look up to, plus it also gave families the chance to sit down together and enjoy some quality time. Family is a genre created with appropriate content that younger viewers could enjoy. However this genre wasn’t just created for the younger population, but was started with the aim of targeting a wider audience comprising of different ages. In most cases the story line of family movies appeals to the younger viewers yet there are scenes and jokes that would certainly amuse an adult audience as well. This genre fits into many other genres too, for example comedy, animation, fantasy and adventures films.

The Evolution

In recent times family entertainment has turned rather anachronistic and quaint. Merely a symbol of how families normally conduct activities either communally or regularly. With television being popularized and teen culture emerging on a large scale in the 1950’s, movies to watch with family began to slowly erode and henceforth the decline of such a genre is visible. Going up against many other forms of proliferating entertainment together with targeting aggressive sub – demographics that can sometimes threatened the concept of ‘’child’’ – ‘’adult’’ audiences. In the beginning producers made it a point to target both child/adult audiences by meeting each genre half way. A term known as ‘’dual address’’ was used as a common metaphor to obtain an equilibrium between both child and mature audiences requirements. Films like ‘’Mary Poppins’’ and ‘’The Blue Bird’’ focused primarily on family entertained and portrayed either families going through a financial struggle or the mischievous doings of little children and were fun family movies. This may have been due to a lack of other more popular genre’s we have now but keep in mind that before mainstream television came about cinema – going was a favourite recreational habit among families that but forward Family Movies to Watch.

Sub - Genres

Traditionally it began with a very simple storyline, by elaborating dances and various musical numbers. The main aim was to appeal to a broader audience from different age groups and incorporate characters, scenes and humour to entertain everyone. This was mainly for family musicals and movies that involved a lot of dance moves in them. When it comes to animated film it fixed its sights on a larger audience, by incorporating both fiction and dance into it. A more contemporary form in animated family films has a dual aspect to it, where one part entertains the younger viewers and the other to amuse a more matured audience.

Some of the very First ‘’Family Movies’’

The Blue Bird (1918)

This was a fantasy film directed by Maurice Tourneur, it was created in America in the year 1918 and produced by Adolph Zukor. The film was credited for being historically, aesthetically and culturally significant. It was selected in the year 2004 by the Library of Congress in the United States as a preservation film by the (film registry department). The movie is based on a beautiful adventure and takes the audience on a very captivation journey to find a Blue Bird and teaches us of the goodwill of sharing and being compassionate.

Mary Poppins

This is an American film based on a comedic musical fantasy. Filmed in the year 1964, produced by Walt Disney and directed by Robert Stevenson, while the ever popular songs were written/composed by the very famous Sherman Brothers. The story is partly based on the series of books by P.I Travers and combines both live action and animation.

Hans Christian Andersen

The film depicts the great and wondrous stories written by the famous Hans Christian Andersen and showcases many of his pieces such as – Thumbelina, the Ugly Duckling, the little Mermaid and the Emperor’s new clothes. . Making these the very first family films to watch

The Transition

Walt Disney is the main person behind popularizing family movies and always looked to combine both specifics into a single production. He once stated that when deciding on a film, he doesn’t think of children and adults but rather the deep calling we have in us and the light that world has lost, which he hoped would heal by the production of his films. Up until the 1970’s family movies focused on having common grounds with other genres however all of this has now changed and transitioned into many other notable genres. With the production of films such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Superman the focus shifted onto more trilling and dangerous movies. Which mainly portray heroic behaviour. This also started a huge following for comic books and action figures among kids, instead of the usual bed time stories. And changed the movies to watch family movies online.

The Change in Films


This film was put together in 1978 and was directed by Richard Donner and primarily formed on the comic characters of DC. This may not be movies to watch with your family, yet it does portray a brave outlook and helps connect to our heroic side.

Star Wars

It is based on an epic space franchise and compiled by George Lucas. This film has developed over the years and has released a few more of its sequels. All the star wars films have been nominated for awards and in 2015 began the sequel trilogy of its series. The production started a major platform for the movie and its franchise includes both video/computer games, books and multiple products. But this isn’t exactly films to watch with family.

Features in the Change

Many factors influenced the switch in films, with the many facets available to view movies on along with the development of different social media sites/free family movie online, the genres are forever changing with the chance to watch free family movies online. Mrs. Doubtfire in known for being one of the last films created that consisted of a dual – film address and was one of the most beloved family movies of all time. The late great Robin Williams starred as Mrs. Doubtfire and forever captured our hearts with his authenticity to the film.

The Switch in Films

Pretty Woman

This is a romantic films to watch and starred Julia Roberts as the main character, she plays the role of Vivian Ward perfectly. Gary Marshall directs the film, while J. F. Lawton handled the screenplay. It is a comedic/romantic film that follows the life of Vivian Ward along the Red Light District and how she meets the very rich Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) and falls in love with him. The movie is very romantic and funny making it ideal for a mature audience to enjoy

The Modern Genres

With the changing of time and the increase in HD horror movies online, the focus from family orientated movies has shifted to lots of new genres. The latest science fiction movies online coupled with the improved series and versions of anything you can imagine. Be it horror, sci-fi, romance and biographic is now very popular.

New and Improved Films

The Conjuring (horror)

This was directed by James Wan and Chad Hayes was responsible for writing it. The film is of a supernatural horror format and is based on true events and stories documented by Lorraine and Ed Warren who were famously known for investigating paranormal activities.
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