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Drama is a movies genre that talks mainly about the complicated relationships and feelings of the characters involved. Movie lovers can watch endless dramas online today, that are of different subgenres and types. Usually the situations are realistic and related to real life situations that the characters have to deal with and conflicts that arise either inside themselves or from outside. The stories involved in drama films could be fictional or based on real life events that the actors will bring to life. Drama cinemas usually discuss important issues that interest people or people can relate to which makes this genre one of the most popular genres for cinemas.

History of the drama genre and the movies to watch if you are interested in this era’s free drama online:

Today you can watch free drama online, but this wasn’t the case centuries ago. The roots of the western drama date back to Greece, where the city of Athens offered genres of drama in plays presented and admired by the Greek audience. Some of the drama texts employed by actors survive until this day. The genre was later adopted by the Romans who had a more diverse theatrical work than any other culture. The drama genre was wide spread in the old world as means to spread ideas, tell stories and entertain the people. Plays offered to audience were often praised by many. This made the genre so popular that it became one of the first movie genres that were introduced when cinema came to existence. “Fire” is probably the oldest drama movie ever made. If you want to watch online drama, then you might be able to find it on sites devoted to drama devotees. It is a British silent movie that was shot in 1901 about the occupants of a house who get rescued by the fire service. The movie was the first movie that used multiple shots that were edited to tell a story in chronological order. “The Black Viper” is another silent drama movie that was made in the USA in 1908 and that you can find if you want to watch drama online free. It tells the story of a thug who attacks a girl on her way home from work, but she gets rescued by a man to which the thug swears to revenge. Later the thug manages to kidnap the rescuer with the help of some of his thug friends. The girl runs to get help and the victim gets trapped in a cabin that the thugs plan to set on fire. The movie ran for 6 minutes. Movies of this era were rather short and lacked the final resolution that would come after the climax of the story. They would still feature some of the struggle the characters felt and how they would deal towards it. Movies like these can be featured in a drama stream that would show you how movies were made in this era.

The evolution of the genre and the movies to watch through free online drama:

Over the next few years, the pictures industry began to advance with new technologies featured to make movies more entertaining. People who worked in the cinema industry started to work on sound films that would feature sound synchronized with the image during a part or the entire movie. Although the first sound movies were made at the same time silent movies were made, but this was actually decades before they were made public to audience. You can find some of these movies in many free online drama, comedy movies to watch or adventure movies to watch pages that show these ancient cinemas and how they were made. Silent movie makers wanted to add more complexity to their stories and there was no way they could add heard dialogue at the at the time so they thought about a way to make their characters talk, through hand held slides that would read commentaries or intertitles. One of these cinemas is “Joyless Street” that was made in 1925 and starred Greta Garbo in her second major role. If you are interested in finding drama movies online, drama movies online free or want to watch films online then make sure that you look this one up. The first successful sound cinemas were very short and were often called talkies. By the 1930, they were wide spread in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. After the sound films became a thing cinema people began to give more attention to other parts of the movie. This involved less stress on technicalities and more stress on the artistic features of the movies, including the way the camera moved, the way the artists acted and the way the director gave directions. Later on with the introduction of colored movies, it was very obvious the importance of the cinemas industry and how successful and influential it has become. In 1939, “Gone with the Wind”, a historical epic drama romance film was made and set a new level of performance that other movie makers had to work to match. The movie was directed by Victor Fleming who had to interview more than 1400 actresses for the leading role of Scarlett O’Hara, her struggle to keep her land and her romantic relationship with a womanizer called Rhett Butler. The movie was based on a novel of the same name and he production was difficult and took a lot of time as the script had to be rewritten several times to bring it down to a suitable length. It received 10 Academy Awards of 13 nominations and was a huge success at the time. This is a real masterpiece for people who are into drama watch.

How did the drama genre evolve in other countries?

The drama genre evolved in other countries in the same way it did in the USA, with France and Britain as pioneers. “The Battle” is one of the old drama cinemas that was made in 1934. It was a mixed production between France and Britain. Its story takes place in 1904 during the Russo-Japanese war, when a Japanese officer asks his wife to seduce a British attaché so that he can gain access to secret and sensitive information but things don’t work as planned when she falls in love with him. “The Blue Light” is a 1932 German drama movie that tells the story of a woman who was considered to be a witch by the people who lived with her in the village. They held her responsible for the deaths of several people who chose to climb a mountain and fall to their deaths on the nights when there was a full moon. Cinemas like these had the drama plot and involved a resolution after the climax and are taught as history lessons to people who are interested in the drama genre. If you are interested in online watch drama, free drama movies, free movies drama then these are definitely some interesting choices.

What are the other genres that I can watch?

There are hundreds of genres and subgenres that movie lovers can choose from other than stream drama, drama movies free or drama movies online if they want to watch different flicks. One of them is the “Western” genre. These usually tell the stories that took place in the second half of the 19th century of people who lived in the American Old West. Characters included cowboys, Native Americans, bounty hunters and lawmen in addition to bandits and town people. Cinemas are usually set in the desert or in the mountains to stress the hardships of life that faces cowboys. Another movie genre is the “Avant Garde” genre which usually deals with non-narrative forms or non-linear sequences. Avant Garde cinemas date to before the 1930s with references to other forms of art like dancing or ballet. Some of the most noticeable Avant Garde flicks include “Nostalgia” and “Serene Velocity”. “Crime” movies started as early as the start of the cinema industry itself. They involved either the portrayals of real-life crimes that took place or fictional ones that are based on original scripts or novels. Movie lovers get the chance today to watch a lot of movies online and can choose whatever works for them. There are endless options that would suit every taste.
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