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Criminal Movies

If you are sci-fi or action film aficionado and wish to stream a criminal movie free online or full action movies to watch online for free, there are plenty of sources online that can give you the right fix. What many people aren’t aware of is that criminal and gangster films been around for a long time and have evolved and branched out into varying fields.

Origins of Crime and Gangster:

Usually, the popular genres have a history behind it. However, the history of crime and gangster film is almost impossible to trace mostly because of the innumerable ways in which it has evolved giving the genre 'crime' a new face. It has competed, mutated, and cross-pollinated in many forms.

How did Crime and Gangster films Catch On:

Any crime film arises from radical ambivalence towards romance of crime. Romance gives heroic characters such as detective Sherlock Holmes that was screened as early as circa 1900 (the exact date is unknown). This led to the unveiling of a form of entertainment that followed through within a span of a decade. This would lead to the creation of the four sequels of Fantômas in France between 1913 and 1914, and later Bull Weed in 1927. This provided the opportunity for the lead character to be portrayed both as a villain and hero.

How did “Crime” and “Action” relate to "Escapism"?

Around the time of the Great Depression (1929) people searched for their own modes of escapism - and entertainment was a mass dosage of escapism for the unsophisticated communities at the time. This would even include migrants who came to America seeking refuge at the time and belonged to the middle-classes. The crime scenes flourished together with detective films in the 1930s. There was also a trend of including leading characters from different ethnic groups; for instance, this genre featured characters in the 1931 film "Charlie Chan Carries On", "Think Fast", "1938", and "Mr Moto". Although they were based on literary works, the crime films didn't endeavour anything until the rise of entertainment that were doomed by consuming passion; this was evident in 1944 and thereon.

Post-Warn Film Noir Decline:

Then, there were the 'post-war crime' films - no matter what shape they adopted it was re-shaped in American by their fear and destruction of nuclear arms. Films like the 1955 "Kiss Me Deadly" or "The Desperate Hours" depict this trend.

The Decline of Film Noir:

At the turn of the decade in the 50s, the film industry saw a decline in 'film noir' which is a genre of film that had a tone of menace, fatalism, and pessimism. This was notable in a series of crime comedies in 1958 at the Ealing Studios (England) with makes of "The Lavender Hill Mob" and the series of what are known as "psychological thrillers" by the venerated Alfred Hitchcock. Examples of this trend can be seen in Hitchcock's masterly series such as "Strangers on a Train" in 1951, "Rear Window" in 1954, "Vertigo" in 1958, "North by Northwest" in 1959 and even in "Psycho" in 1960.

All Hail the International Spy:

The 60s brought about a welcome change with the international spy and hero James Bond. This was truly the decade of that brought about change to entertainment and even influences societies and defines what a gentleman is made of. Bond, along with the long-standing series with "Dr No" was amongst the biggest headlines in the 60s.

Appealing to Younger Generations:

The film industry made significant strides in its approach to appeal to the younger, hips generations during the 60s and 70s.The quartet of what can be classified as ironic valentines up to retro genres is still amongst some of the top films of this decade.

What were the movies that were used for this?

Starting with the 1967's "Bonnie and Clyde", to "The Godfather" 1&11 in 1972 and 1974, respectively and 1974's "Chinatown" were renditions of this genre that was highly favoured by its audience. The Production Code of the 30s was changed by the rating system in 1969 and this contributed to successfully marketing graphic films which were brimming with violence such as 1990's "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" or portrayed a very grim reality of American politics such as "The Parallax View" of 1974 and "JFK" in 1991.

The Dawn of the Millennium:

The closing of the last century was significant for the film industry; in its latter years, "Traffic", the British mini-series which was debuted in 2000 left the public fascinated with its impression of the judicial system, doubts of lawyers, with this sociological sweep.

Films that Stood the Test of Time:

This was the remaking of "Traffik" of 1989 that was remade to soften the American audiences. Other ritualistic crime films that bloomed in Hong Kong featuring actor John Woo, such as "The Killer" in 1989 and "The Heroic Trio" featuring Johnny To in 1993, to the steamy scenes of "Basic Instinct" in 1992. Some of the deadpan crime comedy involves 2004's "The Ladykillers" - this was known to either have the audience rapt in laughter or disgust.

Mystery and its Evolution:

"Mystery film" is a film genre of that revolves around finding the solution of a problem or a crime. While focusing on the effort of the private investigator, detective, and amateur sleuth to solve the mysterious elements of a case by the investigation, clever deduction, clues. Most often the plot centres on the deductive ability, confidence, prowess, diligence, and confidence of the detective to unravel the crime or situation by glueing together evidence and circumstances to track down a criminal.

What made ‘Mystery’ so Good?

The suspense is always maintained as a critical element of the film. This is done through the careful mastery of selecting a soundtrack, angles of a camera, heavy shadowing, and plot twists that lead to the element of surprise.

Examples of ‘Good’ Mystery:

Alfred Hitchcock would use all of these tactics and would exit the pending threat to allow the audience to ponder the fate by careful use of these twists for higher dramatic effect. You can see that there are several types of this mystery over the years; it has ranged back from the tales of early mystery, literary detective stories or fictional all the way to classic (Hitchcockian) suspense-thrillers up to classic private detective films. It is a sub-relation to spy films. If you are a fan other genres, you can watch mystery movies online free. Some of the earliest mystery movies started off its times as silent movies, such as "The Perils of Pauline" in 1914. This genre of movies blossomed into the 30s often mingling with characters in popular literary works. The mystery genre started in the 20s with "The Canary Murder Case" and "The Greene Murder Case" in 1929, and even evolved well into the 30s with "The Bat Whispers", "The Maltese Falcon", "The Kennel Murder Case", "Mystery of the Wax Museum" and "The 39 Steps". These detective films were extremely popular in the 1930s 40s. The 1940s gave birth to mystery films like "Rebecca", "The Gay Falcon", "Gaslight", and "Murder My Sweet". The 50s and 60s saw some of the greatest mystery movies that included "Cry Danger", "The Long Wait", "12 Angry Men", "The Alphabet Murders", “The Third Day", and "Witness for the Prosecution". Some of the more recent types of this genre are "Memento", "Along Came a Spider", "Mulholland Drive", "Ghost Ship", and "The Ring".

Latest Trends of "Fantasy"

This seems to be all the range in this day and age, this would employ magic, supernatural events and people and other parallel worlds. This goes in parallel with sci-fi. Given the popularity, there are many sources where you can stream free fantasy movies online.
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