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What is an adventure film?

The young hero finally unites with his love following a chilling sword-fight with the villain. Or probably, it may be one hero who tackles a bunch of scary villains. If you are familiar with the story, then you could be one of them too: a fan aching for good adventure movies to watch. Most movie buffs would naturally look for adventure movies to watch as it is their favourite genre. Even though it is not your favourite genre, you may still not mind watching adventure movies online for free. That love for an adventure film is owing to the exciting story lying underneath. Most spectators who watch action adventure movies online free tend to confuse adventure cinemas with action cinemas. Both action and adventure cinemas are two different genres, albeit slight similarities. An adventure cinema is, of course, full of action and energy in its protagonist, usually the hero. On the contrary, an action cinema gives more emphasis to action and violence. Although you will find slight hints of action and violence in adventure films too, they are usually coupled curiosity and imagination. For example if you watch adventure movies online free, you will come across conquests, struggles, battles as well as travels around the world. An adventure film takes you to an ancient period in history.

History of adventure films

Thanks to sophisticated technology, you can watch movies online today. But there was a time when cinemagoers did not have such privilege. As far back as 1930, you had to get out of your home to watch any cinema, let alone the adventure genre. The adventure cinema became popular during the early stages of 1930s and 1940s, long before Internet arrived in the scene. Some noted cinemas include The Mark of Zorro, Captain Blood and The Adventures of Robin Hood. These were time-tested adventure movies. Watch online and even today you will enjoy them. Their protagonists have made an indelible impression on the audience as adventure heroes. They are much better than good comedy movies to watch. Because of its rising popularity, the filmmakers had no qualms in going for big-budget films as well. During the early stages of the adventure movies, only the males performed the roles of protagonists. They were heroes filled with courage and faced the villains with impressive charisma. Over time, heroines such as Lara Croft came in too.

Evolution of adventure films

If you constantly watch free adventure movies in a chronological order, you will definitely notice differences. One dramatic change lies in what heroes and heroines use in the film. If the heroes used swords in the early stages, they tackled the villains with modern weaponry such as pistols and technology. Heroes using swords is an intriguing element when you watch adventure movies, as such scenes are hardly present in modern cinema. For example, you will enjoy Douglas Fairbanks starring in a swashbuckler movie. Such old gold could be found among adventure movies online. Watch free and you will feel as if you are living in a different world. The sword-fighting scenes are full of adventurous spirit. You can download the latest series to watch and experience all the excitement. Adventure cinemas evolved with various subgenres such as war, cowboy and spy film series. The war movies entered the scene in the 1940s, while cowboy cinema emerged in 1950s. The war and spy movies did not deal with sword-fighting. They included modern warfare as well as brain games. This shift could probably be accredited to the change of times. The audience evolved with the fast-paced industrial revolution that took place hot in the heels of World War II. Adventure films reached new dimensions gradually. The audience sought a realistic dimension in new adventure films, which was a challenge to filmmakers who were mostly used to black and white indoor adventure. A classic example is James Bond (performed by Ian Flemings) in the 1960s. It was a detective series which included a lot of adventurous scenes and elements. The film which was influenced by early cinemas like North by Northwest, became quite popular. One salient feature about the Bond film is that it was centred on one man. The one man show, hosted by James Bond, dominated the 1960 cinema industry with its intriguing adventurous elements. Even now movie buffs who look for good adventure movies to watch would handpick James Bond among others. When you watch James Bond online, you will feel the sophisticated touch with its car and other high-born gadgetry.

Elements of adventure films

The adventure film evolved in a fast pace probably owing to technology. An adventure film you get to see today could have completely different elements than a film shown a decade or two ago. Usually an adventure movies includes motor racing and boxing. Some adventure films have been based on adventure literature. King Solomon’s Mines produced in 1937 is one example. There are more cinemas based on celebrated literary works such as The Three Musketeers and The Thief of Baghdad. You will find them when you Google for adventure movies to watch.

How an adventure film varies according to country

Adventure film is a vast genre. Needless to state, each country has its own edition of adventure film. For example you will see a large difference between adventure films produced in America and India. In America, adventure film has subgenres such as adventure comedy, adventure drama, adventure thriller and fantasy adventure. With its vast Hollywood industry, America is among the few countries that produce a large amount of films a year. Every year, it produces an adventure film that triggers much discussion in the cinema circles. If the adventure films focused on one hero during 1940s and 1950, it slowly shifted into a group of heroes towards 1970s. Adventure films took a different shape with the rise of criminal activities at workplaces in 1970s. Then the films paid more attention to police, detectives and spies. The adventure movies were influenced by the specific periods of history too. For instance, romantic cinemas became more popular than adventure genre during the Great Depression because audience wanted mere entertainment to get rid of the actual reality of the society they live in. Americans’ racial fear became an integral part of the films such as King Kong and Klu Klux Klan. You cannot have missed these films when you watch adventure movies. That is a rough idea how adventure film evolved in America. Hollywood was not without rivals either. On a different sphere of the planet, India flourished with Bollywood that manifested a larger than life cinema industry. Around 800 films are said to be produced every year. With its large fan base, the Bollywood constantly changes the elements of adventure movies. For that one can confidently say that Bollywood outsmarts Hollywood.

Modern trends and adventure movies to watch

If the cinema buffs had to go to a cinema hall, things have changed now. Earlier it was only the cinema hall and nothing else – not even television. But now we are well beyond not only the video cassette, but also surpassing CD, DVD and Bluray. You can simply download your favourite movie online or watch your favourite adventure movie online. The best thing about the Internet revolution is that you can watch any film online without paying a dime. Watch movies online for free has become the most convenient option now.

Other genres

If there is another popular genre apart from adventure, it should be comedy. A comedy is produced on purpose to evoke laughter in the audience. The filmmakers make use of the language, situations, action and interaction between characters to trigger laughing matter. The comedy has retained an irreplaceable place in the history of cinema. The next time when you are online looking for good adventure movies to watch, keep an eye on a comedy or two too. Then enters the epic, which usually means big-budget. An epic film could be anything from historical dramas, medieval or war set in a larger than life background. An epic film is usually based on a historic event reimagined. Some epic films are biopic based on historic characters as well. You will be able to watch them when you search for adventure movies online watch free. Horror films are another category popular despite the possible horrendous nature. Most horror films are not suitable to the sensitive audience. The horror films usually tackle a wide range with shocking scenes to science fiction. Sometimes you will find elements of supernatural and fantasy too in the horror films. The film experts subdivide the horror films into categories such as zombies, Satanic, serial killers, teen terror and Frankenstein. Musical/dance films have an allure, but may not be the cup of tea for people who love horror, action and adventure movies watch online. These films are strictly meant for fans who love song, dance, music and other elements of choreography.
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